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Photography Classes

Classes are $50 each person each session or $120 for 3 sessions (can be shared) 

All classes are scheduled like a one on one meeting. This class list represents some of the topics that could be covered but not all that there is to talk about in photography. Think of it more as a starting point to help you get started on your photography path however far along you are. Each class we will cover the topics you want to cover until you are satisfied. That is the main reason for the individual style classes.  It's too hard sometimes for everyone to move at the same pace and your time is valuable. 


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Basic Photography 

If you live in your camera's little green box setting or still think "P" is for professional then this is the class for you. You'll hear words like "aperture" and "shutter speed" and find out why you care what they are.  Here we will lay the ground work for truly understanding the technical aspects of photography.  You are going to want to take notes in this one.  For the first go around we have to wrap our heads around some unique ideas, like "photography math", where 1.4 is twice as big as 2 while still being smaller. This class does involve you learning how to operate your specific DSLR camera so if you could bring your owners manual it will help things go quickly and smoothly as we navigate the knobs and buttons and find the tools to improve.  


Alternative Basics/Story Telling

Don't have a DSLR? No worries, we can learn to make the most of what you do have. With point and shoots and cell phones there are tricks, techniques, and apps that can help you get great images with anything you have at hand. Also learn how to tell a story with your photos.   "The best camera is the one that's with you" 


Low light and Night Photography

For the photographers with a few frames under their belts.  We are going to play with the challenges and rewards of shooting at dusk and into the dark. This is going to involve some long shutter speeds so tripods of some kind are a must. In addition to long exposures we will explore  motion blur, light painting and multiple exposures.  If you have a power flashlight or external flash you should bring that as well if you'll be light painting


Photoshop, Intro

So you have some photographs and you'd like to play around with a little more. Photoshop is the easy answer to all things! (not really, but it also isn't as hard as you think) We will learn how to use Photoshop in reasonable, effective ways to make both simple improvements to an image and also sweeping aesthetic changes.  Photoshop is a vast program with a dozen ways to accomplish any task. We will start to find the tools and techniques you need for your work and what you don't need to worry about.   



Studio Lighting I


Ready to come inside and play? Lighting in studio is a crucial skill for any photographer and here we will introduce the basic concepts of lighting.  We will use our studio equipment for this one so don't worry if you haven't made the leap to purchase your own gear yet


Studio Lighting II & Posing


Now that we have the basics we're going to practice, practice, practice.  For this one you can bring in your own lights if you have them or use the studio lights.  We will bring a model or models in to make some real photos in this guided learning class.  We have three camera rooms with props to wander and play with some bring some ideas and we can make some great pictures. 

Learn the whys and why-nots of posing for portraits.  We will explain and explore the differences in poses for portrait, glamour, fashion.  Come find out what you can be doing to make your clients happier and your photographs more appealing. 


*Group Rates are available



For additional information or booking contact us by Phone: (810)820-0310 or Email: danenwilliamsphoto@gmail.com